Promocja na pakiety sportowe przygotowana specjalnie dla Klientów Energa

The power of sports opportunities Tennis, zumba or gym?
Check, what could you benefit from?
Choose positive energy, good shape and health. This is what you get in our offer: 24 months of access to over 3000 sports facilities all over Poland, 19 types of sports activities to choose from as well as physical fitness and better well-being. Ask our consultant for details or go to energa.pl!
over 3000 sports and recreation facilities around Poland
    Sports Package ENERGA
  • badminton
  • playgrounds
  • cross training
  • salt grottos
  • yoga
  • ice rink
  • martial arts
  • nordic walking
  • saunas
  • gyms
  • squash
  • climbing walls
  • dance
  • table tennis
  • tennis
  • for pregnant women
  • group activities with bicycles
  • activities for children
  • fitness activities

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Have you ever lost your membership card or forgotten to take it with you to your training? With Medicover Sport packages will never have this problem again.

By accessing facilities via the mobile app, you will benefit from the service in an easy and quick way. Download the app, find your favourite sports facility and click ”Register entry”. Simple, isn’t it?
Entry Registration with the Medicover Sport app or by a text message
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Download the Medicover Sport app!

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Download the Medicover Sport app which will help you to easily check in the finder, what sports and recreational facilities are available in your close vicinity. Gym, yoga or perhaps martial arts? From among the many disciplines available, choose those that are of greatest interest to you.
As well as this, enjoy even faster registration when entering a facility, using the QR code.

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